In just a matter of three days the improvement in this Cape Town horse is obvious. BB (naturally fermented broad spectrum probiotic) enables your horse to fully utilize his or her food. Whatever the diet, BB will aid digestion and maximize uptake of the ingredients. Ensuring that your horse benefits in improved condition and temperament.
An early success for Peta! Contact her email: peta@petasplace.co.za or WhatsApp 082 582 2814


Tikwa is a 5 y/o Arab x. He came to live with Suzanne in February. He lost condition became quite lethargic, looked dull and just not himself. Tikwa was referred to Equilibrate-Nutrition for the Balanced Horse by his vet. His owner Suzanne told me that apparently he is photo sensitive (connected to his liver issues) which causes what looks like mud-fever on his white parts, esp. legs. \”That\’s how we diagnosed the liver. I just thought it was mud-fever but it didn\’t respond to treatment at all so I called Niel. Also his hind legs esp. left hind, swells up easily, similar to wind-galls. Not normal as far as I know.\”
Equilibrate reviewed and recommended a change in his ration and formulated a Specifically Formulated supplement to help support and repair his liver.
In under 4 weeks his condition is so much better; he \”looks and feels much better. Quite cheeky actually! I can feel more energy under saddle as well. I\’m very relieved; worried so much about him. Legs and sores around mouth \”cleared up beautifully\”.


Fiona\’s old boy’s name is Torque he is around 20 years old and suffers with arthritis and sometime laminitis. I have used MSM for the last 2 – 3 years and have seen remarkable improvement with him. He is no longer “creaking” when he walks and isn’t stiff in his movements.

Good choice Fiona, MSM is anti-inflammatory and so a useful painkiller. It’s also an anti-oxidant, aids circulation and a detoxifyer.


Here are the pics I took just yesterday morning this was in the driving arena after our ride. You can see the big improvement in condition, even the top line.   This is thanks to

your advice of what to feed and to soak it.  He certainly doesn\’t act 27.


Pony is doing well on Specifically Formulated \’fat boy\’ supplement.




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